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prusik ([personal profile] prusik) wrote2012-10-25 10:24 am

An oddly apt coincidence

This week's In Our Time on BBC4 is about Fermat's Last Theorem. It's a terrific overview about the theorem and the fascinating history of the mathematicians who have tried to prove and eventually succeeded in proving the theorem.

That history is why when I wrote a story about mathematicians, I had them prove Fermat's Last Theorem. I called it "Fermat's Last Stand." One of the amazing writers in BRAWL, my writers' group, suggested that the mathematicians prove a theorem that's actually thematically related to the story instead. That bit of advice helped me pull the story into a coherent whole. (However, it meant I had to change the title. I still think "Fermat's Last Stand" is a terrific title, just not for this story.)

The result, "Incomplete Proofs", has been published in Bloody Fabulous(GoodReads). It's either now available or about to be available depending on whom you check with. Ekaterina Sedia has put together a set of diverse takes on fashion in urban fantasy written by highly talented authors who've been nominated for or have won some really awesome awards, and me. (Seriously, I'm the only one in the table of contents I've never heard of.)

(Oh, and why is a story about mathematicians in an anthology of urban fantasy about fashion? Like I said, it's a collection that's both diverse and on-topic.)