Jan. 13th, 2014

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 This past weekend was the US Figure Skating Nationals. Lots of fun. The US has a bunch of really talented skaters. I'm also stunned at how knowledgeable the audience was. Also, I want a skate bug for home use. Given the current judging system, running technical commentary is extremely useful. It did lead to an anxious moment, though, when I realized what Jason Brown's technical mark had to be and wondered whether the judges would give him the (deserved) presentation marks that would keep him ahead of Max Aaron. (They did, BTW.)

This next weekend is Arisia. This year, I'm on program. Actually, not only am I on program, I'm moderating. Wish me luck.

My schedule:

Time Travel, Therapy, & the Quest for Redemption Faneuil Literature Sat 1:00 PM 01:15
Time travel allows writers to explore a fundamental human longing: to change what cannot be changed. Protagonists go back in order to fix the crucial moments that shaped their lives. Usually these attempts backfire - sometimes the past does not allow itself to be changed, sometimes changing the past creates a new range of problems, and sometimes changing the past does not cure the ache in the protagonist's soul. Is time travel a parable for the therapeutic mining of our personal histories?
30 Years of Macintosh Computing Alcott Science Sun 2:30 PM 01:15
Thirty years ago during the Super Bowl, in one of the most memorable televised commercials of all time (directed by Ridley Scott!), Apple Inc.'s Steve Jobs announced to the world the release of a new kind of personal computer: The Macintosh. The Mac has developed a rabidly loyal fanbase, has become a favorite among musicians and graphic designers. Come reminisce and discuss one of the most radical developments in the history of modern technology with Arisia.
Constructing Languages Independence Writing Sun 8:30 PM 01:15
Many SF/F worlds have their own languages, Elvish and Klingon being two of the best known. How do you create languages that make sense? From etymology to grammar to culture, there are many aspects to consider. How does a language reflect the identities of its speakers? How do we make our languages and vocabularies believable?
Looking Forward to Last Thursday Faneuil Writing Mon 10:00 AM 01:15
There have been myriad methods of portraying the time travel story. What specific challenges arise for the writer in portraying conflict and character development in chronologically displaced setting? Are some methods of time travel methods easier to portray and keep consistent than others? What of non-linear story narratives? Is the ending the best place to start? Can a time traveler be anything but an unreliable narrator?


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