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I haven't been writing much about improv here. Mostly, this is because anything that I'd write about, by rights, I ought to tell my improv class instead. So if it's not something where telling them would actually be useful, I just don't express it. (At least not in any fixed form.)

However, this, I actually did tell my improv class, so it's fair game. I'm not talking about people behind their backs.

Where I'm taking my improv class offers extra a la carte rehearsals on Sunday nights. One of the people in my class talked about how great those rehearsals are because "there you can take all sorts of chances you'd never take in class." Now keep in mind that we're in the midst of preparing for our graduation show. This person has basically said that she's saving her best work for these a la carte practices. We, her classmates, we who will be up on stage with her in front of a paying audience get only the work she's done before. *sigh*

Of course, I called her on this. (Otherwise, I wouldn't be writing about it. That would be passive-aggressive.) She apparently has this notion that our improv show needs to be this pre-packaged, predictable product. (Ok, since we all agree that our improv show will, in fact, be improvised, I am sticking a few words into her mouth here, but not many.) She did talk a bit about doing the stuff she knows she can do since we're rehearsing for our show. The point is that she apparently thinks that our graduation show will be "improv without risks." *sigh*

I guess I should be happy that she is taking those risks somewhere. That must eventually filter back into her work with the class.

Besides, if there is anyone in the class with an attitude problem, it's me. I just want to get the graduation performances over and done with.
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