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I've been going to Boskone for years. This year, I'm on panels. This is the first time I'll be on any con panel. Wish me luck...
(Especially on Sunday where they've put me on 3 panels in 4 hours.)

Friday 5:00pm
Griffin: Without Being a Token (QUILTBAG)
The term QUILTBAG tries to point to many areas on the sexuality continuum -- queer or questioning, unisex, intersex, lesbian, transgender or transexual, bisexual, asexual or ally, and gay. In the SF community, when these characters appear in fiction, they (like other character types) sometimes appear as fully drawn people, other times as tokens. When and why does a QUILTBAG character require a full portrayal?
Julia Rios (M), Joan Slonczewski, John Chu, Gillian Daniels

Sunday 10:00am
Harbor III: Regenerating Doctor Who
TV's favorite Time Lord celebrates his show's world-record 50th anniversary this November. After so many stories, so many assistants and villains -- not to mention so many Doctors -- how has the series stayed fresh enough to keep running, season after season? What more might be in store?
Colin Harris (M), Jennifer Pelland, John Chu, Jim Mann

Sunday 12:00pm
Burroughs: On the Stage: Genre in the Theater
The fantastical and horrible on stage go back to Aeschylus and Aristophanes. SF on stage is...more recent. Has the current surge in genre TV and film led to a resurgence in the theatre? Our panelists will discuss both past and present genre plays.
Bob Kuhn (M), F. Brett Cox, James Patrick Kelly, John Chu, Gillian Daniels

Sunday 1:00pm
Burroughs: Non-English Fiction and Translation
When translating works of fiction into English, what are some of the dangers associated with capturing the original piece "meaning for meaning?" What effect do cross-cultural references or the lack of historical knowledge have on either the translator or the reader of the newly translated piece of fiction? Moreover, is the translated work as valid as the original? How might translation techniques impact the interpreted work for good or ill? Panelists will also discuss examples of translated work.
David Anthony Durham (M), Jack M. Haringa, John Chu


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